Expert Choice Agrochemicals

Your Farming Partner

Expert Choice Agrochemicals

Your Farming Partner

Expert Choice Agrochemicals

Your Farming Partner

About Expert Choice Agrochemicals

Zimbabwe, being primarily an agrarian-based economy, has struggled to maintain the status quo over the past decades. The government alongside other key strategic alliances and organisations have introduced several agricultural initiatives and schemes to boost the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe. These initiatives and schemes have led to commendable growth and rejuvenation of the agriculture sector in Zimbabwe. Extensive market research was carried out resulting in identifying a gap in the scarcity of agrochemicals readily available in Zimbabwe. It was and is still against this background that saw the birth of Expert Choice. Expert Choice endeavours to provide agrochemicals and vet medicines in Zimbabwe. With the strategic intent to provide such services beyond the borders of Zimbabwe.

Our Vision

To be the preferred service provider of expert services in agrochemicals and veterinary medicines throughout Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

To serve Zimbabwe by offering quality affordable agrochemicals and vet medicines through uncompromising service excellence, whilst adhering to environmental and ethical requirements. This is to be attained by observing optimal levels of integrity and professionalism in accordance with the timelines of our clients.

Our Core Values


We are committed to consistently offering
affordable and superior quality products at all times.


To undertake our business in an environmentally friendly manner while striving to always be
esponsible in how our actions affect and influence the lives of all our stakeholders inclusive of our employees.


Exemplified by our contribution towards the swift delivery of products required in the agricultural society to ensure food security.


Showing concern to our customers by offering free advice coupled with consistent engagement and site visits to our clients. Always going the
extra mile.

Service Excellence

Through the provision of professional, respectful and efficient services.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is based on the following service goals and pledges:

  • Building Long term relationships with all our clients
  • Providing the best solutions to address the customers’ requirements
  • Exceeding the customers’ expectations in all areas of business
  • Adhering to Ethical and transparent practices in all business activities
  • Adhering to Safety Standards
  • Promoting Reputable brands
  • Quick response turnaround time to inquiries
  • Delivering our services within the shortest possible time
  • Continuous improvement of our processes and systems to meet internal and external requirements
  • Developing and training our staff to address business challenges and needs
  • Building a loyal Expert Choice Team and,
    Embracing diversity, and treating individuals with respect and dignity.